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Chirpy comedian gets Norwich fans laughing

JimmyCricketBy Rosemary Dawson
2009: The gentle non-stop humour of comedian Jimmy Cricket brought an appreciative reaction from the large audience who came to share an evening of comedy and faith at The Salvation Army in St Giles Street, Norwich, last Saturday (October 3).
Jimmy grew up in Ireland, where the family worshipped at the Catholic Church and his father was an undertaker, publican, and the only taxi-driver in town.
Jimmy first discovered he could make people laugh by trying out jokes from the radio programme ‘Workers’ Playtime’ on his school friends.
He applied for a job as a Butlins Redcoat, and eventually got his own comedy slot in an entertainment show. Now – some 37 years later – he is still in demand as one of the UK’s top comedians.
Jimmy is particularly known for his ‘clean’ and family-friendly humour. But, in answer to a question from the audience during a Q & A session, he revealed that it wasn’t always so.
“When I started in the business, I joined in the showbiz culture of drinking and telling dirty jokes - it was almost expected of you. But as I developed the character of Jimmy Cricket, that didn’t seem to fit in at all,” he said.
“I didn’t want the image I had created to be tarnished with filth. From then on I decided my humour was going to be clean, and the laughter that came through that developed my career.”
Jimmy’s faith is as much a part of his life as comedy. He loves to be on his own and think about God in a quiet wooded area near his home, where he especially becomes aware of his presence. He strongly believes that God has guided him through the difficult pressures he has had to face in his life and career, and has a very simple awareness of God being with him on a daily basis.

Jimmy Cricket pictured above with some fans in Norwich and in the guise most people remember him for.


., 07/10/2009

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