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Latest Norfolk Christian community events
Take a look at these events of interest to the Norfolk Christian community including Snowdrop Sundays, Unlock the Bible, indoor beach party and Nurturing Creativity More ...
Norwich Cathedral Family Fun Day
Who do you think is a Super Hero? A family fun day is set for Norwich Cathedral on February 18 during half term. More ...
Rise Up women's conference returns to Norwich
The Rise Up Women's Conference is back for its third year on June 20 and organisers are excited that Dawna De Silva from Bethel is back as the main speaker. More ...
 Latest Culture Articles 
Salvation Detective investigates Mayflower voyage
Former police sergeant and now “Salvation Detective” Tony Francis spoke to a Norwich audience recently of how he has used his sleuthing skills to unravel the spiritual heritage of the USA. More ...
Norwich exhibition marks huge impact of YMCA
An exhibition which marks the enormous impact of the YMCA across the world over its 175-year history has arrived in Norwich as part of a nation-wide tour. More ...
Norfolk bishops' sorrow over civil partnerships guidance
Norfolk’s three bishops have expressed their deep sorrow for the hurt and anger that was caused by the recent House of Bishops' guidance about civil partnerships. More ...

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Thu 20 Feb 7:30pm
Fri 21 Feb 1:00pm
Fri 21 Feb 3:00pm
Fri 21 Feb 3:00pm
Sat 22 Feb 9:30am
Sat 22 Feb 10:00am
Sat 22 Feb 10:00am
Sat 22 Feb 6:00pm
Sun 23 Feb 12:00pm
Mon 24 Feb 9:30am
Mon 24 Feb 7:00pm
Tue 25 Feb 6:00pm
Tue 25 Feb 7:00pm
Wed 26 Feb 9:45am
Thu 27 Feb 9:30am
Thu 27 Feb 7:30pm
Fri 28 Feb
Fri 28 Feb
Fri 28 Feb 10:30am
Fri 28 Feb 7:00pm

Published: 06/01/2016