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Suzanne Cooke has been reflecting on how rapidly political climates can change, and how such changes in 1930’s Europe prompted a young Dutch woman to take action.
During this autumn season which, traditionally, was one for bonfires, Peter Farley explains how watching the flames can bring back memories of people and places.
Philip Young reminds us that Christians are called to be truth tellers and truth seekers, and that it is truth which brings us freedom.
Andy Bryant has been reflecting on the significance of breaking bread in a necessarily empty chapel.
Robert Ashton has been adapting to new routines during the pandemic crisis, but reminds us that we will need to return to the habit of worshipping together.
Regular columnist Ruth Lilley reflects on the different ways in which God answers her prayers
Regular columnist Jane Walters shares her frustrations with using spectacles, but then explains why the choice of specs is of secondary importance.
Anna Heydon explains why fostering and adoption are important concepts and practices for Christians.
Philip Young has compiled a paper for consideration by the Third Order of Saint Francis, of which he is a member, explaining the importance of being a peacemaker in this modern world. He shares his main points with us here.
Rev Ron Skivington encourages us to remember God’s promises as we progress through this very unusual year.
Andy Bryant believes that, amidst all the advice being given about coping with the current pandemic, there is one element which can easily get forgotten.
Peter Farley is encouraging us to make best use of the time we have left on this planet.
Andy Bryant finds the need to be a welcoming, accepting Church something of a challenge amid the current restrictions.
Ruth Lilley spent an early morning on the beach, and enjoyed a peaceful moment with God.
Jane Walters enjoys a good jigsaw, and explains how the jigsaw of life can often best be completed as a team effort.
Peter Farley has been giving some consideration to the claims of Richard Dawkins, and explains to us the results of his own analysis.
Many of us are struggling with the use of face coverings, but Andy Bryant suggests that the act of wearing them can have a spiritual significance.
Rev Matthew Price encourages us to take heart and allow Jesus to take our tiredness on His shoulders.
Philip Young is enjoying the return to real-life worship, and shares some thoughts based on a sermon he preached Saint John’s in Felixstowe on July 19.
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