Anna Heydon explains how God’s light can be a great motivational force in our lives.
With the approach of Mothering Sunday, Philip Young reflects on the complete parenthood of God, and explains his view that He should be seen as Mother as well as Father.
Andy Bryant points out that the current wintry weather serves as a reminder that we should respect God’s creation.
Peter Farley discusses the human tendency to be prejudiced, and explains why a Christian should try to avoid all prejudices, even toward beetroot-eaters!
Mark Fairweather–Tall has been reflecting on the perils and pitfalls of being a Winter Olympic athlete, and the lessons we can learn from their experiences as we travel through life.
Robert Ashton explores the concept of Ecumenism and shares his personal thoughts on what it should mean.
All In – It’s all about commitment
Jane Clamp explains that seeking to do God’s will is more than just a quick fix. More ...
How to keep passion in a God-given marriage
Linda Nnene shares her thoughts on a passionate marriage and gives guidelines for keeping the spark in our relationships. More ...
Injustice! Standing or falling — and failing?
Peter Farley feels that now is the time for Christians to take a stand against the injustice we see around us. More ...
Turning the ordinary into the extraordinary
Philip Young urges us to reject our self-centred way of living and allow Jesus to transform our lives. More ...
How to keep going when the resolutions fail
Ruth Starkings wonders if New Year resolutions are really the key to being a better person. More ...
History helps us look ahead to a better future
As we enjoy the Christmas season, John Myhill is looking ahead to the anniversaries we will be celebrating, or remembering, in 2018. More ...
Finding peace through the storms of life
Darren Woodward reflects that Jesus can bring peace to our lives, whatever storms we my face. More ...
Waiting for God
As we enjoy this Advent season, as we wait for Christmas, Mark Fairweather-Tall reminds us that waiting is an essential part of our Christian experience. More ...
All I want for Christmas
As we all, perhaps, review our Christmas lists, Jane Clamp urges us to be clear on what we ask from Jesus. More ...
A Happy Marriage - What you both deserve
Ike and Linda Nnene explain how we can have a happy and enduring marriage, with God’s help. More ...
The business of being good
Powerful are the Peacemakers
Grave Talk - learning to embrace the inevitable
Let Jesus lighten the load
Recovery Friendly Church – supporting each other
“Thy will be done” - discerning the will of God
The Best Funeral Ever – Tom Chapman
Being a mum and a wife, with God’s help  
One Love is the answer to the disasters we face
Harvest festival – we must share the goodness
Harvest – A time for some real thanksgiving!
Discover your part in the Body of Christ
The appeal of Christianity
The transforming power of kindness
A stepping stone to joy
What is your pain telling you?
A Coalition of Love
Planning for the future… and eternity
Don’t miss God’s blessings in the rush
Rage, rage at the revelations of that fire
The benefits of churches working together
Your attitude shapes your life
Asking God Why
Us, not me – winning together
“Douze points” for praising God
Putting others first
“I am the Light of the World”
Footprints in the Dew
What is so good about Good Friday?
The true source of hope at Easter
Living in a world of influence
What is the purpose of Church?
The Power of a Transformed Life
What does “Thy will be done” mean?
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Being a mum and a wife, with God’s help  
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What does “Thy will be done” mean?
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The Motherhood of God
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Selfridges, suffrage and spiritual change
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Injustice! Standing or falling — and failing?
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The benefits of churches working together
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The business of being good
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Curious, convinced or committed?
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Christmas - if it’s true it changes everything

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