As we all, perhaps, review our Christmas lists, Jane Clamp urges us to be clear on what we ask from Jesus.
Ike and Linda Nnene explain how we can have a happy and enduring marriage, with God’s help.
Robert Ashton explains that there is more to business than making profits.
Philip Young reminds us how powerful love is as he looks forward to next year’s Armistice Day.
As we approach Remembrance Sunday, Andrew Bryant believes we should be more willing to consider and discuss the final event in all our earthly lives.
Regular columnist Ruth Starkings has found a better way to lighten the load of life’s burdens, and shares her thoughts with us.
Recovery Friendly Church – supporting each other
John Myhill has been finding out about the concept of Recovery Friendly Church and what it has to offer a broken world. More ...
“Thy will be done” - discerning the will of God
Mark Fairweather-Tall shares his thoughts about finding out what God really wants for our lives. More ...
The Best Funeral Ever – Tom Chapman
John Myhill was deeply moved by a recent funeral for a man with a close walk with God. He gives his insight into that occasion. More ...
Being a mum and a wife, with God’s help  
Linda Nnene shares her thoughts as a Christian on coping with the pressures of being a wife and mother in her 40’s. More ...
One Love is the answer to the disasters we face
Regular columnist Philip Young urges us to offer “One Love” as we face up to the disasters that frequently beset our planet. More ...
Harvest festival – we must share the goodness
Rev Andrew Bryant challenges us to share the planet’s blessings when we celebrate our harvest festivals this month. More ...
Harvest – A time for some real thanksgiving!
Regular columnist Ruth Starkings is urging us to count our blessings this harvest time. More ...
Discover your part in the Body of Christ
Jane Clamp encourages us to discover what component we are in the Body of Christ. More ...
The appeal of Christianity
Regular columnist John Myhill considers the reasons for the ongoing appeal and growth of Christianity across the globe. More ...
The transforming power of kindness
Ruth Starkings reflects on a simple way we can have a powerful positive impact on other people. More ...
A stepping stone to joy
What is your pain telling you?
A Coalition of Love
Planning for the future… and eternity
Don’t miss God’s blessings in the rush
Rage, rage at the revelations of that fire
The benefits of churches working together
Your attitude shapes your life
Asking God Why
Us, not me – winning together
“Douze points” for praising God
Putting others first
“I am the Light of the World”
Footprints in the Dew
What is so good about Good Friday?
The true source of hope at Easter
Living in a world of influence
What is the purpose of Church?
The Power of a Transformed Life
What does “Thy will be done” mean?
God can sort out the mess
How the funeral ritual can help mourning
Slippers and Stars – God cares about cold feet!
Anger cannot drive out anger
God understands loneliness
Jesus, women, and leadership
Brexit and Trump or Jesus Christ?
Get involved for Jesus
A letter from Love
A Christmas quest for eternal youth
Christmas – more than just an idea! 
The true meaning of Christmas?
Experience the truth of God this Christmas
An appeal about appeals
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Christmas - if it’s true it changes everything
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All I want for Christmas
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Being a mum and a wife, with God’s help  
"Yes, we all need to check whether our money is..."
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The business of being good
"Very good idea ,much needed for us folk in recovery..."
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Recovery Friendly Church – supporting each other
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The Best Funeral Ever – Tom Chapman
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Discover your part in the Body of Christ
"Much obliged to you for setting aside an ideal..."
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Cutting edge Christians: success, failure and BBC3
"Deeply moving. Thank you so much Keith, for all our..."
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Living in a world of influence
"Martin needs to go to this:
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The science behind Creationism – part 2

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