Ian Boughton has been wondering whether the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that came into force last year will restrict some church activities, and believes he has some answers.
Suzanne Cooke has been looking at works of art, and has gained new insight into how much God loves us by giving us free will.
Linda Nnene shares with us some fundamental needs of a woman in a successful marriage.
As we enter a new year, Philip Young urges us to build bridges of unity rather than walls between us.
Andrew Bryant wonders if the Good News of Christmas appears equally relevant to all sectors of our society today.
In his Christmas message, the Bishop of East Anglia, the Rt Rev Bishop Alan Hopes, addresses the battle between light and darkness in the Nativity story and the divisions which shadow our society today.
Where will Jesus be this Christmas?
Paulo Mussi urges us to include Jesus in our Christmas party. More ...
The gift of Love at Christmas
As Ruth Starkings reflects on the Christmas story, she reminds us of the amazing gift of love that we have all received through that baby’s birth. More ...
The sound of silence
Robert Ashton explains why a period of silence can be spiritually beneficial. More ...
God operates seasonally in our non-stop world
Jane Clamp has been kicking the autumn leaves, and reflects on the periods of rest God builds into our lives. More ...
How should we cope with Brexit uncertainty?
Britain’s intended withdrawal from the EU has dominated recent news bulletins, but Mark Fairweather-Tall explains how we can cope with all the uncertainties that spring up in our lives. More ...
Working with homeless is a privilege
Anna Heydon explains why she considers her work with the homeless to be a privilege. More ...
Lead me from War to Peace
As Philip Young reflects on this year’s Remembrance commemorations, he yearns for a more peaceful world where such conflicts are a thing of the past. More ...
The rhythm of the day with God
Ruth Starkings is determined to allow the light of God’s love and joy to shine in the darkness. More ...
Are we stewards of the earth or consumers?
Andy Bryant is concerned at the apparently increasing effects of climate change, and wonders if Christians should re-interpret the biblical instruction to be stewards of the planet. More ...
Jesus meets us where we are
Anna Heydon looks back to her early years in the countryside, and reflects on the contexts in which Jesus meets us. More ...
Artificial intelligence is no longer just science fiction
LET is a powerful word
Making time for church
Blessed are the Persecuted
Can you help house the homeless in Norwich?
God has control over “suddenly”
How can you support your spouse?
Can Jesus fully satisfy our human hunger?
This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine!
The words we use matter
We must take care of God’s Creation
What do we really mean by Tolerance?
God sees the best in us
Having a sense of purpose
How to survive and thrive during first year of marriage
Having faith in school
Freda Smith - an East Anglian legend
Hospitals are holy ground
Finding God in the waves
Is your church multi-cultural?
There’s power in love
God the gardener at work in our lives
How to tell if you have a successful marriage
The Easter Story is our Story
A society based on God’s values?
Let God write your page
Are you making best use of your time?
Looking for the Joy of the Lord
The challenge of the Resurrection
Easter heralds new beginnings and new life
Easter – new day, new beginnings, new hope
The line between good and evil...
The Motherhood of God
The Lord of the Snow still has the upper hand!
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