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As we start our journey through Lent, Suzanne Cooke urges us to take inspiration from the psalms and get closer to God through our wilderness experiences.
Andy Bryant is looking forward to an easing of Covid restrictions, but believes that the Church will face many more challenges in the coming months and years.
Andrew Frere Smith has discovered the source of true contentment.
Ruth Lilley explains that there is a better way to cope with life’s problems.
It has been said that God loves to hear His people laugh, and Jane Walters is encouraging us to find ways to bring more laughter into our lives.
We are all finding the lockdown restrictions tough, but Anna Heydon explains how we can have a positive response.
In a week which started with “Blue Monday”, supposedly the most miserable day of the year, Andrew Frere-Smith reminds us to count our blessings.
Philip Young describes some of the challenges facing the new American President – challenges which we all need to face.
Keith Morris finds some inspiration from 2020 - a year that most of us will want to forget.
Margaret Whitaker wonders whether we will return to all our frantic busy-ness when we emerge from lockdown.
As we approach the start of another year, Andrew Frere-Smith reminds us of the importance of hope for the new year.
The Catholic Bishop of East Anglia, the Rt Rev Alan Hopes, reflects on a powerful season for human beings in his Christmas message.
Andy Bryant reminds us that the first Christmas was also a time of great hardship.
The Bishop of Norwich, the Rt Rev Graham Usher, outlines how, in an extraordinary year, the Diocese of Norwich is facing up to its own challenges.
In this year of turmoil, Ruth Lilley finds comfort in the familiarity of the Christmas story.
The Christmas lights that are now appearing in shops and houses have been reminding Jane Walters of the need for some light in our lives, especially when times are darker than usual.
Ron Skivington reminds us of the gifts we will all be offered this Christmas.
Robert Ashton feels we could be doing more to engage with others at this time, and wonders whether we can learn from other, not necessarily Christian, organisations.
Suzanne Cooke has been reflecting on how rapidly political climates can change, and how such changes in 1930’s Europe prompted a young Dutch woman to take action.
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