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Saltmine Theatre Company has announced a new creative seasonal missional package for churches this Christmas.
A journal to aid, enable and empower personal daily prayer has just been published by former Norwich church leader, and now Celebrate Norfolk project director, John Betts.
At least one Norfolk church, which meets in people’s homes, has seen its numbers grow since lockdown eased. One of its founders, Barrie Lawrence, explains.
An archaeologist working alone through lockdown in the attic rooms of Oxburgh Hall in Norfolk has uncovered one of the largest underfloor archaeology hauls of its type in a National Trust house, including a 600-year-old illuminated manuscript of Psalm 39.
Celebrate Norfolk is co-ordinating a bid to bring well-known professional Christian theatre company Saltmine to perform a Passion Play on the streets of Norwich at Easter 2021.
Exactly 400 years ago, a group of brave pilgrims sailed from England on a hazardous journey to North America on the Mayflower in search of a new life. The group included a dozen with Norfolk roots.
Local author John Wright has published a booklet summarising in 45 pages The Imitation of Christ, the classical work by Thomas à Kempis.
Norfolk Christian Friends is a new group which enables people to meet, enjoy outings together and encourage each other.
Boris Johnson and Kier Starmer have paid tribute to churches across the country for their efforts in responding to the coronavirus pandemic.
Broadland author and musician Ian Boughton has compiled a book of inspirational quotations which is available for sale, and also available as a free download as an encouragement to Network Norfolk readers.
Thy Kingdom Come is an international prayer initiative for the period between Ascension and Pentecost. Here Tim Yau, Pioneer Missioner for the Diocese of Norwich, encourages people to get involved.
Jill Gower, Director of the Call to Prayer ministry at Fishergate in Norwich, invites us to join in a ten-day prayer leading up to Pentecost, and offers a resource.
Following the publication last month of “The Way Under Our Feet - a spirituality of walking” by the Rt Revd Graham Usher, Bishop of Norwich, we now publish a review by Robert Ashton.
A very different Christian Aid Week (May 10 to 16) in Norfolk has been launched by the Bishop of Norwich, challenging people to think about how they follow Jesus in the changing landscape, impacted by Covid-19.
Two Norwich churches are among more than 65 churches and movements to have taken part in a nationwide blessing sung to the UK on YouTube.
The Bishop of Norwich, the Rt Rev Graham Usher, has created four Bible story videos to bring encouragement and entertainment to pupils at Diocese of Norwich schools and academies across Norfolk and Waveney.
A parishioner from St John’s Cathedral parish in Norwich has published a new book about respect for life. Anita Dowsing's book is available from Gracewing.
Former police sergeant and now “Salvation Detective” Tony Francis spoke to a Norwich audience recently of how he has used his sleuthing skills to unravel the spiritual heritage of the USA.
An exhibition which marks the enormous impact of the YMCA across the world over its 175-year history visited Norwich as part of a nation-wide tour.
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