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Believe the womenBible resource calls us to ‘believe the women’ this Easter 

Christian charity Lifewords has launched a new free Bible resource for Easter that tells the story of the women who witnessed Jesus’ death, and what happened next.

Day Three: BELIEVE THE WOMEN uses passages from the New Living Translation (NLT) Gospel of Luke to create a booklet that will support churches, groups and individuals in sharing and exploring this familiar biblical event in new ways this Easter.

With compelling design and gritty black and white illustrations, Day Three: BELIEVE THE WOMEN frames the story with artwork that reflects contemporary images of resistance, courage, and protest. A fresh way of engaging with the story, this free booklet breaks from the ‘norm’ of Easter resources. It affirms how Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Mary the mother of James and others were first entrusted with the news of the Resurrection, while the men did not believe them.

Gender Justice Specialist and Author, Natalie Collins, says of the resource: "Lifewords’ Day Three: BELIEVE THE WOMEN is a prophetic and important resource. I hope it inspires Christians to work for change both inside and outside the church and enables those coming from other perspectives to see that at its heart, the Gospel values and calls women."

For Lifewords, the resource aims to create new ways into the Bible to those that are familiar with the story, or coming to it for the first time.
“Something stood out to us as we read the Easter story again," says Lifewords’ Bible Engagement Co-ordinator, Marielle Adeaga. “Even though the women had played an integral part of Jesus’s life and journey and were first to see the miracle of the resurrection, they weren't believed. Just how that narrative played out has real resonance for today's culture. Women have always been at the forefront of major life events, but they’re not always recognised for leading change. Day Three: BELIEVE THE WOMEN invites us  to see the gospel accounts from a different perspective.”
Interest and pre-orders are already high, and the story of the women speaks to contemporary culture:

“The courage of the women who witness the resurrection hasn’t lost its edge in two thousand years of telling”, says resource author, Danielle Welch. “And we’re reminded that the story of God is constantly told from the margins, lifting up those without power, and subverting our idea of who and what matters. The single most important moment in human history is announced by women whose culture could not hear them – and we are reminded that in the radical love of God everyone counts, all of us are invited in. The Easter story is good news for everyone.” 

To order your free Day Three: BELIEVE THE WOMEN booklets visit www.lifewords.global/easter or call 020 7730 2155.

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