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Norwich Christian features in new Try Praying book 

2017: Former drugs addict and smuggler Clint Holmes, who now lives in Norwich, features in a new booklet called Try Praying – A Little Book for Prisoners.

After becoming hooked on drugs, Clint was forced by a gang to help import a 10-ton consignment of cannabis. But police were tipped off about the plan.

ClintHolmesCF450He spent 13 months on remand and saw terrible violence in prison. He was put on suicide watch.  One inmate tried to speak to Clint “about hope in God,” but Clint just swore at him. Clint asked to be put in solitary confinement to escape the violence. 

“I hated myself,” Clint recalls. “I just sat there in total darkness and – with a razor blade – planned to end it all. I just prayed, ‘Oh God…” and though my eyes were shut, I suddenly felt the cell fill with intense light. I felt pure love all over me. I knew straight away it was Jesus. I knew it was Him.”

With his new love for Jesus, Clint read the Bible, writing down verses so he could remember them. Everyone noticed the big change in his life. Clint’s faith in Christ has taken him far, even to India, and he has worked with Street Pastors and the elderly.

The booklet has been produced especially for prisoners to read by the Try Praying project and Clint’s story was picked up from the Network Norfolk website to be included.

The project behind the booklet is now encouraging churches to buy multiple copies of the booklet to be given out in their local prisons. They are available for £1 a copy (minimum ten copies) from www.thereishope.co.uk

Read Clint's full story on this website

You can dowload a PDF of the booklet here

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