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Free online ministry resource helps people connect

2017: A free ministry resource Connect4Life is available to Norfolk churches to help Christians reach out to people who are unconnected and disconnected to Christian understanding.

Launched in 2008 with the simple mandate to share the God-given message thatConnection brings life!’, it is exciting to see this free ministry resource having such widespread use into 135 countries.  Originally, the resources were in hard copy format but since they have all now been updated, simplified and digitized for free electronic usage when C4L Online went live in the last 12 months, the impact has dramatically increased and continues to do so.

‘The concept is to empower Christians (Connected) to reach out to people currently with no Christian understanding (Unconnected) and to those who are Disconnected from God or from church and help them Reconnect’ – Olaf Fogwill, Connect4Life (C4L) Ministry Director.  Four groups who need to ‘connect for life’.  The resources are all accessed by any electronic device for use privately by individuals if preferred or screened for group use by churches.

Short videos and interactive documents are available for each group:

For each one, there is scope to have prayer and help to find a church, if a person does not yet have one.  If they want to discover more about putting faith in Christ, the One Who connects us to God as Father, then TCL is for them.
THE CONNECTED LIFE (TCL) – two short videos supported by notes and discipleship guide: http://connect4life.org.uk/unconnected/tcl

A BETTER CONNECTION (ABC) – two short videos for a disconnected person to consider reconnecting supported by notes and study guide: http://connect4life.org.uk/disconnected/abc

BEST CONNECTIONS - http://connect4life.org.uk/connections-apps/best-connections-app . This is a free app, very recently having been finished to the highest level for people indifferent to God.  It is designed so they can explore their core goals, core values and core status.

See updated and mobile-friendly website: http://connect4life.org.uk/.  For a quick summary of how you can use C4L to reach out to indifferent, interested and intentional people, watch the vidoe above.

All queries to contactus@connect4life.org.uk

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