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Heaven’s culture possible here on earth says author

Understanding and creating culture is important writes David Elverson, a Norwich-based management consultant and leader of the city’s Kingdom Life Church. Kevin Gotts reports.

CreatingCultureCover350His acclaimed book, Creating a Culture of Overflow, is a practical tool to help church, business and family leaders, as well as individual Christians, get to grips with culture.

It breaks down the sacred-secular divide, drawing deeply into the Bible and structured around the latest research in engagement, motivation and behavioural economics. Above all, it is written in an encouraging and informative way, to help readers live life to the full as God intended in Jesus Christ.
The first chapter, written by Paul Manwaring, a senior leader from Bethel Church in Redding, California and gifted in administration and government, quotes, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”  He goes on to describe cultures as moulding thinking, behaviour and almost all aspects of life. It is the lens through which everything is viewed, and as such, will affect everything in an organisation. With such a sense of ownership and by which a group of people solve problems, Christian  culture has similar hallmarks.
David majors on engagement when there are deep emotional and spiritual connections - those which lead people towards fullness of life (cf John 10.10). Then these people, active within a group or organisation, can live life in its fullness, achieving greater things.  And with Jesus at the centre of this, it is revival. 
Following chapters include practical advice and examples as to what individuals can do to develop areas of their own lives, such as vision, identity, authority, empowerment and strengths to live a full life.  David writes candidly about his own life, including a miracle of healing from a potential major   paralysis and personal revival.
“All too often we think too small and our visions are too small. Jesus taught us that many of the parables that the Kingdom of Heaven is always increasing and that we are to steward that increase,” said David. “What can we get involved with, how can we bless other churches, how can we be a unified body of Christ that develops this ‘big’ thinking into our congregations?”
“What next?” asks David, “Living life in all its fullness and overflowing into our communities should be our natural state?  We are called to be like Jesus and release this life in all walks of life; in church, in our workplaces, our families and our communities. Jesus made no separation between these areas of life and neither should we.”
This book will be a valuable resource especially for all clergy, business owners, those with family responsibilities and individuals who really want to partner with God and impact society.
Creating a Culture of Overflow is available on Amazon or from daveelverson@hotmail.com (£10).

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