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Church launches new soup service in Norwich

BowlnSpoonWebHarassed mothers, busy shoppers, older people who want a bit of company or even schoolteachers wanting a spot of lunch are all catered for by a new service launched by Oak Grove Chapel in  Norwich.
Bowl and Spoon is the new service run on Monday lunchtimes from 11.30am to 2pm from Oak Grove Chapel where you can get a bowl of home-made soup, a roll and a drink to keep you going through the day.
Susie Abeyta, co-ordinator of the group, said: “It’s for harassed mums who want a break from catering, for folks who want a change from eating alone, for people visiting local shops, for people working in the area – it’s for anyone. Come and try it sometime.
“We provide wholesome cooking which is provided by a team of people from the community and the Chapel. Only the very best locally grown vegetables are used.”
One happy client said: “It’s just lovely to be able to come out and meet others and eat something that you haven’t cooked.”
If you don’t want to stay then there is a takeaway service and a very special delivery service for local schoolteachers.
Vegetables are supplied by Robert Brand of Anglia Square and other Fair Trade ingredients supplement the menu. There is a small charge to cover the cost of the ingredients. For details contact the church office on 01603 403388.   
Pictured above are some happy diners at Bowl and Spoon. 


Article printed from at 21:49 on 09 April 2020