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Compassion call made over Ipswich murders

TheresaCumbersCalls have been made for Christians to show compassion, help draw the community together and pray for the Police and those involved in the recent series of murder investigations in Ipswich.
Theresa Cumbers, a Norfolk-based trustee of the National Christian Alliance on Prostitution, said: “No one wants to be a street worker. But you cannot separate prostitution from drugs. Some 98% of prostitutes have a drug or alcohol addiction as do their partners which have to be paid for as well.
“There is not enough revenue being put into the supporting agencies that have time to sit down with these girls, talk to them and build relationships. I know much compassion has been shown over this dreadful situation and having walked alongside families who have lost their daughters in Norfolk, my prayers are with all the families who are tragically suffering such pain at this time.”
Theresa, who spent 14 years working with the Christian Magdalene Project in Norwich, said: “You would get a knock on the door of the drop-in centre from a girl who was maybe abused or raped the night before. We would let them in, talk to them, assess them and help them find a route out of the situation. But you have to get them through the drugs barrier first.
“The reality of street prostitution is being revealed and I am pleased to see compassion coming over in the media coverage. Christian compassion and love is starting to come through. We must not see these girls as pariahs but as real people,” she said.
“I was in Martlesham, Police HQ doing an interview with BBC Radio 5 Live the other night.  As I arrived and left my burden felt so heavy for the Police.  I would ask people to please pray for them. They are working so hard and doing a great job, what a strain it must be for all of them.” 
Rev Haley Dossor from St Mary at the Elms in Ipswich, said: “As churches we need to draw the community together and get it talking. There are lots of ministers on the streets of Ipswich and we have a Street Pastors scheme when Christians are going out and helping young people outside nightclubs and providing practical help on the doorsteps and streets. It is very important thing to do and help provide a bit of glue in the community.”
Pictured above is Theresa Cumbers from the National Christian Alliance on Prostitution.


Article printed from at 11:21 on 09 April 2020