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Rhapsody of Realities invite for Norfolk church leaders 

A meeting for church leaders, ministers and pastors in Norfolk to find out more about the free daily devotional booklet 'Rhapsody of Realities' is set for Thursday July 18 in Norwich.

The meeting will involve a presentation of the daily devotional booklet and the impact it is having around the world.

The materials are free of charge and have been translated into numerous languages, including Braille. ?Last year 1.2 billion copies were distributed  around the world. The booklets are produced on a monthly basis and  are available for adults, teenagers and children of all ages.

Refreshments will be available during the meeting and there will be time for fellowship.

If you have any questions, please contact Mary Palmer on or 07534 997404


Article printed from at 09:45 on 16 July 2019