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Norwich prayer group looks at community change

Anyone with a desire to see transformational revival in Norwich is invited to the House of Prayer on January 21 to hear from Darren Woodward and to pray for the projects that will take place in the city over the coming year.

‘Transforming the Atmosphere’ is a group that builds upon the specialist teaching of Revd Dr Alistair Petrie (after his three visits to Norwich in 2015, 2016 and 2017), and has developed a ministry that combines socio-historical research with informed prayer-walking and a continuing discipline of humbly seeking the Lord for fresh insight.
The next session on January 21 will involve Darren Woodward from Oak Grove Chapel who will talk about the ‘Redeeming our Communities’ conversation planned for February 7, which will involve lots of different churches, individuals and organisations coming together to bring about change in the community.  
Darren said, “God has clearly been joining hearts and minds in Norwich over recent years and it has been really encouraging to see and experience the growing sense of relationship between church leaders, churches and Christian organisations across the city.”
The ROC Conversation (Redeeming our Communities) is an example of this where God’s voice has been heard and is being acted upon to bring this event to Norwich to celebrate what is already good about our fine city but also identify the issues and gaps and then form an action group or groups to tackle these areas.”
Nigel Fox from Transforming the Atmosphere said,  “After years of praying in the background, green shoots are beginning to appear. We’ve already seen this in terms of fresh opportunities for prayerful and practical mission. But it doesn’t stop there. This is another sign of the unfolding of God’s new season, and a wonderful opportunity for us all. The Lord is calling His Church to ‘wake up’ and take the opportunity to be Church as it needs to be.”

  • All are invited to hear Darren and pray for Norwich at the next meeting of Transforming the Atmosphere on Monday January 21, at 7.30pm at the House of Prayer, Fishergate, Norwich, NR3 1SE. For further details, please contact 01603 920074 or


Article printed from at 11:04 on 20 January 2019