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Norwich Youth for Christ’s festive film is live online  

The Big Christmas Jam on December 19 showcased the musical and dramatic talents of the young people working with Norwich Youth for Christ, and was the first opportunity to see their new two-part Christmas short film, 'Snowflakes', before it went live today.

On Wednesday, December 19 Norwich Youth for Christ hosted The Big Christmas Jam at Sprowston Methodist Church featuring the pre-release viewing of its brand new two-part Christmas film ‘Snowflakes’.  The film has been made by young people involved in Norwich Youth for Christ’s weekly club ‘The Jam’.

Nick Blanch, Director of Norwich Youth for Christ said: “It's our official pre-screen of our youth film 'Snowflakes' giving you an opportunity to see the finished product before anyone else. We'll be singing carols, hearing performances from young musicians and interviewing some of the cast and crew. A fun way to celebrate the end of term and get in the spirit for Christmas!”

The first part of the film online on Norwich Youth for Christ’s YouTube channel the following day.  The second part will be released in a few days' time.

Last year their Christmas film, a parody of La La Land called ‘Na Na Nativity' was viewed online almost 1,300 times.

Nick said: “Please share it on social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc) so that lots of people can see it!”

Article printed from at 06:45 on 23 February 2020