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Norwich ordinand wins New Media Award

Charlie LamontA 22 year old from Norwich has received a Christian New Media award for his website The Bridge, a biblical teaching resource created for young people.

Charlie Lamont (pictured), a 22 year old from Norwich, currently training for ordained ministry in the Church of England at St John’s College Nottingham, recently won the ‘Multi-Author Blog of the Year’ category in the Christian New Media Awards.

Charlie Lamont, who previously attended Holy Trinity Church in Norwich set up The Bridge website six months ago with his friend Sam Follett from Ridley Hall Cambridge, after feeling that the Lord had spoken to them both about setting up an online resource for young people.

The Bridge aims to provide a place for young people to receive an extensive range of good quality teaching, in a variety of forms. The teaching seeks to be relevant and applicable to the reality of life as a young person today. The website also aims to facilitate engagement between Church leadership and young people.

Charlie said: “Sam, our leadership team and I feel that young people today need resourcing well, and we as churches and church leaders can get lost in how to bring young people up in today’s society. The Bridge is one place where we bring all sorts of teaching, real hardcore teaching, and deliver it in the languages that young people can understand.”

The website faced some stiff competition at the Christian New Media Awards, but managed to take home the award as the winners were announced on Saturday November 9.

Charlie said: "The award for us was a joyous event. Being a very new ministry we were not sure where the Lord would be taking it, if anywhere at all. Six months in we have an award and it’s just a little nudge that we are heading in the right direction to be a ministry that truly does enable the discipleship of young people in our country today.

“Check us out and see what you think. We would love your support finically, in prayer and in feedback, please do not hesitate to email in how you feel we could be encouraged or improved." 

You can find out more about The Bridge by visiting the website:

Article printed from at 17:15 on 16 September 2019