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Norwich students jet off on Zambian mission

Louise Evans1Seventeen year old Notre Dame student Louise Evans and 12 of her fellow students will be jetting off to Zambia this weekend to work with some community groups including HIV AIDs projects supported by CAFOD.

by Louise Evans



The aim for our two-week trip to Lusaka, Zambia is to teach in the Makeni parish community school some 8km from the centre of Lusaka; and also visit projects supporting people living with HIV and AIDS funded by CAFOD (Catholic Agency For Overseas Development)- a key charity supported by the students of Notre Dame.


The group will also be spending a ‘touristy’ weekend in Livingstone where we will be taking a break from our rather basic and self-catered accommodation near Lusaka. During the break in Livingstone we will be eagerly anticipating activities such as a river cruise, elephant safari walks around Victoria Falls itself and the nearby Chobe National Park, horse riding - as long as the horses keep at least two feet on the floor, then our insurance is covered - and a visit to the Livingstone Museum.


We have some jam-packed days ahead of us but I see this wonderful but challenging trip differently even in the evenings: we’re definitely not wanting to rush into spider-infested rooms, slip into pyjamas, jump under our mosquito netted-beds, ready for an early night so that we’re bright n’ breezy for the next day… that would be boring! Instead, we will be writing and editing our own personal journals, putting together stories ready for sharing with absolutely everyone and anyone when we return to the UK.
Louise EvansMost importantly the group will split into two and will take it in turns to cook a meal for everyone each night. Fingers crossed there’s no Jamie Oliver impersonators amongst the group… the ‘naked chef’ would not go down too well with the Nuns living next door!
In fact, this will be a very challenging trip: meeting some very wonderful but materially poor children, learning about the realities of families living on $1 a day, spending time with volunteers caring for those living with HIV and AIDS.

For more information contact John Malley 07779 804252. John Malley is CAFODs East Anglia Diocesan Manager and a consultant to the Notre Dame School Trip.
The Trip is from Sunday 17 July returning on Monday 1 August.
Pictured above and right: Louise studying, and with her mosquito net for the trip

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