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Atheist professor talks in Norwich of faith walk

RoyPeacock1By Mike Wiltshire


2009: Eminent scientist and author, Professor Roy Peacock, who was once a convinced atheist, told a Norwich audience how he came to believe in God.

As an expert in thermodynamics, Roy Peacock (pictured right) is an advisor to many governments and leading companies.

Speaking at the Norwich FGBMFI at the Maid's Head Hotel, he told how, in his early years in research, he came across annoying Christians who were holding 'mission' meetings in the village where he lived, near Cambridge. Roy disliked them, but realised they showed qualities that he lacked.

After a week of trying to prove that God did not exist, Roy lay awake at 2am when suddenly he heard an inner voice "which I knew was God" – and within hours, Roy was a convinced believer.

"I realised that not only was God real, but he showered me with the most amazing sense of peace and fulfillment – he gave to me a joy inexpressible, if I can put it that way."

Today, he is still a scientist who also finds time for a global ministry in Bible-based teaching, seeing lives changed and healed.

He has spoken on every continent of the world. His Christian books include the best-selling, Foolish to be Wise, and A Brief History of Eternity, in response to Professor Stephen Hawking's famous book, A Brief History of Time.

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., 29/11/2009

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