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John offers cancer fight aid to old adversary

JohnWrightCol2009: A former county council leader said he was "flabbergasted" after a Norfolk Christian he once helped put behind bars, contacted him to offer support in his fight against cancer.
The Derby Evening Telegraph recently reported on how former Derbyshire council leader David Bookbinder was a key witness in a 246-day that ended with Norfolk-based John Wright (pictured right) spending three months in jail for fraud over a failed theme park business back in 1992. The longest-ever 17-month trial is listed in the Guinness Book of Records.
Derbyshire County Council had been partners in the venture but when Labour got control under David Bookbinder they became hostile partners. They delayed planning permission for two-and-a-half years, for which they were found guilty of breach of contract in the High Court. This was a major factor in the collapse of the theme park due to increased building costs.
Mr Wright, an Anglican evangelist who lives near Norwich, recently travelled to Derby to talk to Mr Bookbinder about a glyconutrient remedy from fresh, ripe, fruit and vegetables which he believes helps the immune system to fight disease including cancer.
Mr Bookbinder said: "From his point of view, he was an innocent man and was in prison because of me. His intention was to help me – he wanted to help the person he believes was responsible for ruining his reputation. I found it astonishing."
Despite his past dealings with Mr Bookbinder, Mr Wright said he was filled with a great love for him when they met when they embraced each other. He held no grudges towards Mr Bookbinder.
John said: "The Bible teaches us not to hold grudges, and I have no ill feeling towards David. I have seen God overcome cancer and I wanted to contact him because I believed I could help."


., 19/11/2009

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