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Norfolk appeal to pray for Police Officers

CPALogoChristians across Norfolk are being urged to prayer for their Police Officers on May 1, the National Day of Prayer for the Police Service.
Rev Simon Wilson, Social and Community Concerns Co-ordinator for the Diocese of Norwich, said: “Jesus told us to pray that his Kingdom would come on earth as it is in heaven. There is no place in God’s Kingdom for injustice, fear, hatred, dishonesty, addiction and violence.  These are the very things your Police Service is seeking to tackle.
“Your Police Service needs Christians to support them in their work. Please consider linking with local Officers and Staff to develop prayer networks and support community projects.”
PoliceBackChristians are urged to pray:
• That senior officers may have wisdom to direct their forces well and have concern for all their staff
• That local forces would be effective in administering justice, supporting victims, preventing and detecting crime, reducing the fear associated with it and building public confidence
• That officers will be kept safe and will enforce the law with integrity and wisdom especially in volatile situations
• That officers and their families would be protected from the effects of stress and know God’s peace in their lives
That Christian Police Officers and Support Staff will be strong and effective in their witness within the Police Service
• That God would crush the forces of evil that are at work in the lives of individuals and communities which lead to addiction, despair, crime and disorder
• That the church would respond to local issues and help bring communities together with the police to tackle local problems effectively
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Article printed from at 21:21 on 09 April 2020