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Norfolk vicar takes on Darwin theories

MartinDownAUG 07
With the release of his latest book 'Deluded by Darwinism: Intelligent Design and the Reappearance of God' Norfolk vicar Martin Down (pictured right) led a teaching day at The Well Christian Centre, Ashill, on Saturday September 1 from 10am – 3.30pm.
The morning was about arguments for Creation and Intelligent Design, and the afternoon about the Flood and Geology.  Bring your own lunch – drinks/refreshments will be provided and there is no need to book say organisers.
Martin is not a professional scientist, but a Church of England vicar, but one, who, in his own words, has for 40 years ‘taken as intelligent an interest as I can in the advancements of science, and especially as these have had a bearing on the question of origins, the origin of the universe, the origin of the Earth, and the origin of species, including us human beings.’
In his latest book, Deluded by Darwinism, Martin presents the evidence for Intelligent Design for the ordinary reader.  This book brings the debate about Evolution out of the laboratory and into the canteen and the classroom.
For 150 years there has been a conflict of ideas between scientists, like Darwin, who believed that the world was self-explanatory, and fundamentalist Christians who believed that the world was the creation of God. Today, the astounding discovery of evidence of Intelligent Design in the universe means that there is a new dimension to this old debate. Science itself could be leading to the reappearance of God. Martin invites his readers to consider the evidence.
The Well Christian Centre is on Swaffham Road, Ashill, Thetford, Norfolk, IP25 7BT. For more information please contact 01760 336492 or email info@fountainoflife.org


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