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Norwich chance to find out about fuel protests 

Christians have been involved in the controversial Just Stop Oil protests disrupting fuel supplies across Norfolk and elsewhere and now there is the chance to find out why at a talk in Norwich.

In April a new environmental group called Just Stop Oil made the headlines when supporters began a controversial campaign, blockading oil depots and disrupting fuel deliveries.  They were calling on the government not to grant any new licences for oil and gas in UK territories. 
As the petrol pumps began to run dry throughout the Midlands, the East of England, London and the South East public frustrations rose and the government promised a crackdown.  Over the course of a three-week period more than 1000 people were arrested and 24 people were imprisoned. 
What may surprise some people is that many of these people are committed Christians who felt that this was what Jesus was calling them to do.  One of them was Mark Fletcher from Norwich who attends Gateway Vineyard Church. 
“The climate crisis is the great issue of our time and it’s one that people of faith must engage with,” Mark said.
“The global scientific community and the United Nations are both saying that for us to have any chance of a survivable planet we must stop all new investment in fossil fuels now.  If we don’t, we will turn billions into refugees and we will condemn millions to death as the global food system collapses and the world descends into war over resources.  Yet in an act of unprecedented madness and wickedness our government is doing the opposite by pressing ahead with 40 new licences for oil and gas fields in the North Sea.”
At 7pm on Wednesday June 22, Mark will be giving a talk at the Norwich Quaker Meeting House on Upper Goat Lane in Norwich entitled “Following Jesus in a Time of Climate Catastrophe.”
The talk will look at the latest science on the climate crisis and what it means for us.  It will explore relevant biblical themes about our call to steward creation well and to remember the poor.   It will look at how believers in the past have responded to evils such as slavery and racism and ultimately brought about change.  And it will also wrestle with the complex issue of how believers should relate to authority and whether it can ever be right for a Christian to break the law or be arrested.
Mark said: “I hope that together we can face up to some of these difficult issues and find the courage to stand up for what is good and sacred at this pivotal moment in human history.”
Everyone is welcome and after the talk there will be time for discussion and questions.

You can book your free ticket on Eventbrite here.
Pictured above is a Just Stop Oil protest in Edinburgh and below Mark Fletcher. Image by Just Stop Oil.



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