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Julian CA bike
Julian's pedal power to combat COVID impact

On Sunday June 13, Julian Bryant, Christian Aid’s Church Engagement Officer for Norfolk and member of St Edmund’s, Taverham, will be cycling 200 miles around the borders of Norfolk to raise money for people impacted by COVID19 in countries like India.

He says, “There is no doubt that there is significant inequality between those countries who have the vaccine and those who do not. Many in our world, often those living in poverty are still waiting for the vaccine. Less than two per cent of people in Ethiopia, for example, have received one dose. Many communities have very little soap, little access to water, PPE and information about social distancing.”

“On top of that there is already a lack of respirators, food, and health care. As they wait, they are very vulnerable.

“I’m riding 200 miles to raise this issue and fundraise so more people in countries where the vaccination rate is far below ours will have soap, clean water, PPE, accurate information, and children who are hungry will receive food.

“I will be praying for the different communities I cycle through from Great Yarmouth to Diss, Thetford to King’s Lynn, Wells, Sheringham, Cromer and back to Yarmouth.

“I would really appreciate any donations from individuals and churches to make a difference and bring more equality to our world.”
You can donate at: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/julianbryant
Find out more about how Christian Aid is helping those facing inequalities due to the COVID pandemic here: https://www.christianaid.org.uk/fundraising/coronavirus-appeal-case-studies

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