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Norwich pastor publishes book on Mount Zion 

Vic Ready has published a book on his time as pastor at Mount Zion church in Norwich. The church had a significant impact on Pentecostal revival in Norwich, reaching hundreds and propelling many like Vic into ministry.

Rev Vic Ready is currently Senior Pastor of Taverham Evangelical Church, and felt it was important to document the journey of the church and its fruitfulness. 

Vic said, "Mount Zion church touched the lives of literally thousands of people, not just in this country but all over the world. It isn’t just the number of people who owe their salvation and Pentecostal experience to the ministry of this unique church, but hundreds of others, who like myself who are, or have been, in ministry."

Vic believes that he would not have found salvation in any other church. Neither would he be in ministry today both in church and in prison without the experiences he gained at that time. He said, "The Pimlott family were instrumental in the success of this unique church, and Sedley Pimlott was undoubtedly called of God to lead it. Sedley was my mentor when I began my pastoral ministry and his influence is with me today."

Vic hopes that by writing an account of his time at Mount Zion readers will grasp something of the incredible journey that he and others at the time were privileged to have been part of.

If you would like a copy of 'Glorious Things', the cost of the book is £6.95 plus post and package. Please email or text 07799 000 066 to order one.

Helen Baldry, 17/03/2021

Helen Baldry

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