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Old Norwich tin of fish donation hits the headlines 

A 33-year-old tin of anchovies has hit the headlines after Norwich foodbank volunteers discovered it amongst recent donations to the crisis food charity.

The 50g Sainsbury’s anchovies tin, which was bought for 49p, arrived in donations at the foodbank’s warehouse, complete with the price sticker and a best-before date of April 1987.
Project manager Hannah Worsley said: “The tin came in with donations earlier this week to our foodbank warehouse in Norwich when one of our volunteers found it. We all couldn't believe it - we've had out of date stuff before, and up until this week the 'record' was 1990 something.
“We do get things donated past their best-before dates but due to health and safety and respect for those we are serving, we don't give out any foods that are past their BBE or use by dates.
“We do have a couple of charity partners who have different rules to us so very little gets wasted, but anything more than a year out of date we do have to dispose of.
“We check dates on ALL products that are donated to make sure we're using them in the right order so nothing goes out of date while in our hands, but we do urge everyone who donates to check what they're giving before putting in the donation baskets or bringing to us please.”

In April 1987 Margaret Thatcher was the Prime Minister, Nigel Lawson was the Chancellor of the Exchequer and Terry Waite, the special envoy of the Archbishop of Canterbury, had just been taken hostage in Beirut.
The story has now been reported on both the BBC and ITV and by the EDP and Norwich Evening News.
Norwich foodbank is currently delivering over 1000 emergency food parcels a month to vulnerable people during the Covid-19 lockdown crisis – read more here.
Pictured above is the 1987 tin of anchovies donated to Norwich foodbank.

Published: 13/06/2020