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YMCA Norfolk takes ownership of E-Learning Service

YMCA Norfolk has taken ownership of the E-learning Service which provides online education to help pupils reintegrate back into school or continue with exams.

The E-Learning Service began over 16 years ago to offer an alternative method of delivering education to children out of lessons or main-stream school through the use of technology.
Jason Beattie, YMCA Norfolk Business Development Manager, said: “We invested in the E-Learning Service to grow our menu of services to schools as it complements our existing provision of Mind Matters, a package of mental health support to schools and pupils, and Family Matters, our parenting support service.
“A good education is vital to the life chances of young people and we are really excited to be able to give them the best possible chance of future success.”
The E-learning Service has provided online education to several thousand pupils who have reintegrated back into school or continued with entries for GCSE and other exams with the Service.
While primarily Norfolk-based, it already operates in partnership with schools and academies across Suffolk, Kent and Cambridgeshire - and is open to extending provision to education establishments across the UK.  
Students of all key-stages can select subjects to study and lessons are individually prepared for them by qualified subject teachers. Lessons are accessed online and can be completed by pupils on any day of the week and at any time of the day; offering much-needed flexibility.
A time-tabled one-hour weekly webinar tutorial is available to students in each of their subjects giving them an opportunity to talk to, or IM, their teacher in order to get direct help with any work issues they may be having.  In addition, e-teachers can be contacted directly for help via the secure online email.
Work is usually completed by the pupil at home but can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection, including those at school, college, an inclusion unit, education centre or PRU.
Jackie Thompson, E-learning Service Manager said: "It is exciting to be working within YMCA Norfolk which shares the ethos and vision that the E-Learning Service has worked towards in its 16 years of operation.
“The academic help which the E-Learning Service can give, coupled with the wider care which YMCA Norfolk so excellently provides will, I am certain, result in even better support and outcomes for all of our young people."
YMCA Norfolk have recently appointed a new manager, who will start in September and initially work alongside Jackie Thompson to oversee the running of the service.

Case studies

‘Kevin’ was referred in year 8 when diabetes prevented him from attending school full-time.  E-Learning was put in place as a ‘back-up’ for days when he was too ill to travel.  Work was set according to the board and syllabus of the school with topics directed by its staff members.
‘Becky’ suffered from mental health problems for many of her teenage years and was hospitalised for long periods of KS4.  As a consequence, she missed out on GCSEs in years 10 and 11 but was awarded exceptional funding so that she could re-sit year 11.  She remained on school roll but accessed her lessons from home in order to take GCSE exams in the summer.
‘Barny’ was referred as a primary student when his chronic medical condition prevented him from attending school; this led to increased anxiety for him.  E-Learning provided him with on-going education and the reassurance of continued good progress for Barny and his family.
‘Zoe’ was excluded from one school and referred for e-learning as part of an alternative curriculum by her new school.  The new start enabled her to cover the gaps needed in her learning and to complete 3 GCSE s before starting an Access to Teaching course at college. 
Pictured above are Jason Beattie and Jackie Thompson.

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