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Free ministry tools available from Connect4Life 

A organisation that equips people for mission is celebrating its ten year anniversary by launching two new free initiatives; a video series to help people dealing with major life challenges and resources to equip people to connect with God in everyday life.

Connect4Life celebrates ten years as an equipping mission organisation. "Much has changed in the way people receive and share news since we launched in 2009 so we’ve adapted all our outreach and discipleship resources." says Olaf Fogwill C4L Ministry Director. Allt he resources are free for viewing digitally and so are easily shared via numerous channels. Olaf said, "Since we have done this, we now have over two million downloads in over 100 countries."

C4L marks this anniversary with two new initiatives:

C4L Videos 4 Life is a series of five videos dealing with the major life challenges for everyone everywhere.  The topics cover birth, purpose, beliefs, care of the planet, relationships, coping with addictions and death – it’s all here.  They make for an easy effective way to signpost or encourage people in hard times – you can either use this link or see them on C4L YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/c/connect4life

  • This Fragile Planet – picks up threads from The Blue Planet
  • The Age of Enlightenment – helps people consider beliefs and ‘be curious’
  • Battle For Freedom – deals with addictions and a way forward
  • All at Sea – looks at getting the best from relationships
  • The Final Frontier – tackles the issue of death in a sensitive and engaging way

C4L Boosters - using language for new and mature Christians, this helps people with rapid encouragement on key topics to ensure the best trajectory in their orbit after lift-off!  They can be viewed and then shared with friends who may be struggling in one of the areas eg. Disappointment, Fear, Hope, Cynicism, Atheism, Agnosticism 

These two resources also feature on a ‘give away’ card – these can be downloaded 12 per page and adapted for any church on this link: https://connect4life.org.uk/files/BCcards_on_A4.pdf
Take a look and please share widely as they are a modern strategic resource for sharing the good news this world so badly needs.

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