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This summer Ike and Linda Nnene are running three events in Norwich that aim to bring healing and encouragement – The Right and True Man Seminar, their Time to Heal Seminar, and the annual Power and Beauty Gospel Concert.

Norwich GP, Dr Ike Nnene and his wife Linda, the Head of Law and Politics at the City of Norwich School, are driven to make a difference.  This summer, on top of their full-time jobs, family commitments, their role in Soul Church’s worship team and Linda’s doctorate, they are organising a series of events in Norwich that aim to inspire the changes they wish to see.

The first event, on Saturday, June 15, 10.30am-4pm is ‘The Right and True Man’ Men's Seminar, on the theme 'Being The Man You Were Made To Be' at OPEN Norwich. It aims to encourage and support men to be committed and stand strong for their marriage. It builds on an initiative that Ike has started with a small group of Christian men meeting together on a monthly basis to encourage and challenge each other.

Ike explains: “Society is having to deal with the consequences of family splits, divorce and separation. While there are a host of reasons why a relationship might fail, I believe that if the men in society are more willing to step-up and really fight for their marriages then that is a step in the right direction.

“It starts from knowing what the husband is meant to be doing within the family. The Bible lays it out very clearly that the husband’s role is to love his wife and provide for his family.  Where the man is not doing this, it is very difficult for the relationship to prosper."

“So with ‘The Right and True Man’ we are trying to teach and encourage men to be men of truth, men of valour, to be men who want to stand for what’s right in their families.”

On Saturday, July 13 Ike and Linda will run a Time to Heal - Emotional and Mental Wellbeing Seminar at The Elms Business Space, St Faiths Road, Norwich.  This is the third year of delivering these wellness seminars to teach ways to achieve better emotional and mental health.

Ike said: “Time to Heal brings a message of recovery, restoration and healing. There are lots of problems that conventional methods don’t seem to be resolving. Within the short period of time of a seminar, we are able to establish some principles that will allow people to start making changes. This is something that is a bit different from what you normally get from General Practice and I believe it has great potential to help people.”

The couple’s central passion is their music and, with their Power and Beauty Band, they have started rehearsing and writing new songs for their annual Gospel Concert on Saturday, September 7 at Norwich Central Baptist Church.  Last year the Power and Beauty concert raised £450 for Norfolk children’s bereavement charity Nelson’s Journey.

Linda said: “Our concert is positivity shown through music. Within Power and Beauty we have the music, which is at the centre of everything we do, and we’ve begun branching out into various initiatives that are very important to us.”

Ike said: “Music of any form has the potential to make us better through the sensory input of the sounds, the beats, the melody. When you inject lyrics that are also ministering to the soul and giving a message of love, healing and God’s grace it is really powerful.”

It is an ambitious programme of events for the busy couple, but as Ike explains: “If you want to make an impact, it’s not necessarily going to be easy. As God has blessed us with knowledge and understanding, we are inspired to do these activities. Otherwise we will not feel that we have given a good account of the gifts we have been given.”

Linda adds: “What gives us strength is that we genuinely enjoy what we’re doing.”

To read more information about their events and to book tickets online please go to www.powerandbeauty.org.

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