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Norwich foodbank users share stories 

Norwich's 10 foodbank distribution centres are proving a life saver for people from all walks of life, experiencing financial difficulty due to a wide range of reasons including benefit delays, illness and job loss.

“We get all kinds of people coming to the foodbank, we’ve had people pull up in their Mercedes after they’ve lost their jobs,” said one Norwich Foodbank volunteer describing to the EDP how anyone could end up having to rely on the life-saving service.

Jo Rose, 72, and Gary, 50, of Long Stratton volunteer at the Norwich Foodbank Distribution Centre at New Hope Christian Centre. They were former foodbank users in 2014 and have since become members of the church.

They fell into debt after Mr Rose was made redundant and had to become a full-time carer for his wife after she was diagnosed with breast and bone cancer.

“We had a mortgage to pay and all the money we had went on bills,” Mrs Rose said. “So we were living on nothing really. “I had no luxuries at all, we were living hand to mouth.?“The foodbank was amazing, to have bags of food was like Christmas.”

“It could happen to anyone - we had a man who lost his wife and he was so ill he couldn’t work,” she added.

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Published: 22/01/2019