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Norwich drugs project appeals to churches

MatthewProjectBusWebNorwich-based drugs and alcohol charity The Matthew Project is appealing to local churches to support its work in counselling and educational outreach sessions.


The Christian project offers counselling services to anyone affected by drugs or alcohol including young people, adults, friends and relatives.
"People need support because they are distressed, feel lost and do not feel they have any value," said Fundraiser and Development Co-ordinator Caroline Ellson.
"Often they have turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with issues like the death of a loved one, feelings of rejection or abuse. Many want to stop using substances but do not think they can.
"Counselling assists clients to address their issues and develop ways to cope without using drugs and alcohol. They often say that the team offers them respect and compassion and it aims to assist them to reach their full potential."
Age-appropriate education is delivered in creative and innovative ways by the Matthew Project and because young people enjoy it, they remember the information, which helps them make more informed choices in the future.
Education is delivered through assemblies, lessons and outreach sessions.  There are many myths about drugs and alcohol and it is important young people receive accurate information. 
MattProjectNoCompromiseYouth worker Juliet delivers education to young people about the risks of drugs and alcohol.  She said: "It is important to educate young people about the risks of drugs and alcohol because drugs are either directly, or indirectly, part of young people's lives. 
"Research suggests that most young people will face situations where drugs are available or offered to them."
The Matthew Project is appealing for support from churches to fund counselling sessions and educational outreach sessions across Norfolk.
If you can you organise an event, set up a standing order or would you like our youth team to perform drama at your church, contact Caroline on 01603 626123 ( or visit
Pictured above is the Matthew Project Double Decker educational outreach vehicle visits area in Norfolk to meet young people and is used as a forum to discuss the risks of drugs and alcohol.


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