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New book fulfils Norwich minister's childhood dream 

Mountain climbing, world events and indie rock and roll are just some of the experiences Norwich pioneer church minister Rev Tim Yau has written about in his contributions to a new national daily Bible study guide - Fresh from the Word 2018 – achieving a childhood dream to be a published writer.

“I went to a comprehensive school in the 1970s and never believed that I could be a published author, it just wasn't something that a kid from a grim northern industrial town could achieve,” said Tim, pioneer minister in Cringleford.
“In fact I remember a children's author coming to our school and feeling inspired by him – he highlighted my work for its creativity. That was the only time I remember feeling truly inspired during my formative years in education. I recall running home and telling my mother that I wanted to be a writer. She said maybe I needed to look at other options. It wasn't that she was being mean, it was just that people like us from where we were didn't do that sort of thing, it was beyond us.” 
Tim first got involved with Fresh from the Word (FFTW) back in 2013 when he was working for the Eastern Synod of the United Reformed Church in Ipswich as the Emerging Church Pioneer Minister. He was approached by Nathan Eddy, who was then a part-time minister for the URC in Lowestoft.
Tim said: “FFTW was a rebrand of a previous publication. This time they purposefully wanted to make sure that the contributors were from a wide variety of backgrounds. They tried to get a balance of writers from the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. They used clergy and laity, academics and practitioners, social activists, evangelists, pioneers, poets and monastics.
“With that dynamic you obviously got a breadth of opinions and theological stances when reflecting on the scripture. They wanted the tone of the writing to be accessible to people new to the Christian faith, and for the writers to draw on their experiences and their own particular contexts.
In FFTW 2018, Tim writes under the heading of Going Viral: communication in the Bible. It predominantly focuses on the work of the Holy Spirit and reflects on how Pentecost changed everything. 
“For me writing is a real discipline - yes there are moments of inspiration where it all flows out - but mostly it is meditating on the scripture, bringing my own experiences to it and allowing the Holy Spirit to bring fresh insights.
“This time I touch on diverse experiences around mountain climbing, world changing events, and  indie rock and roll, to name a few, but I feel that it really has come together and I hope and pray readers will find it helpful with their walk with Christ in the mission of God.”
Fresh from the Word 2018 - The Bible for a change, edited by Nathan Eddy, paperback, price: £9.99.

Click here to order online from Revelation Christian Bookshop in Norwich.


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