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Churches can meet needs of children in care across UK 

Churches, including those in Norfolk, can meet the entire need for foster and adoptive families for vulnerable children across the UK, Home for Good founder Krish Kandiah told an audience at King’s in Norwich on Sunday night (September 10). Keith Morris reports.

“We believe that the church is full of people who have the capacity to care for vulnerable children,” Krish Kandiah told an audience of several hundred people from churches across Norfolk.
“Our family became a foster family about 11 years ago – it was previously a closed world to us. We did not know much about the need across the nation. Our social worker told us that there were 5,000 children waiting for adoption across the UK. They were also short of around 9,000 foster families across the UK.
“I started to do the maths. There are around 15,000 churches across the UK that are full of people who love and serve Jesus. If we can open our minds and hearts up as a church to find one new foster carer or adoptive parent per church we could meet the entire need. I think that that is entirely doable. The church is waking up to this and can really make a difference in the lives of these children,” said Krish.
“The statistics do not tell a great story about children who age out of care in the UK. Sadly our prisons have an over-representation of young men who have aged out of care. A lot of our homeless population across the UK are young people who have aged out of care and have had no-one to care for them. Between 30-70% of sex workers are young women who have aged out of care.
“I have seen what a difference the church can make with these young people, but why do we wait until they are in their 20s before we help them, when they need the help when they are three or four. Wouldn’t it be amazing to give them a family then?”
“In Norfolk, they are particularly looking for adopters for children aged over three, I am told,” said Krish. “Imagine what a difference we could make to these children at that age, rather than wait until the system has spat them out the other end. That is our vision.”
Home for Good raises awareness of the need for foster and adoptive parents, encourages families to provide loving homes for the children in care, and equips the Church to offer welcoming communities for them.
Adoption Sunday is on November 5. Find out more at: www.homeforgood.org.uk/adoptionsunday
Krish Kandiah is also Vice President of Tearfund, an award-winning author, broadcaster, theologian and spokesman for the Christian community.
The event at Kings was supported by Norwich YFC.
Pictured above is Krish Kandiah speaking at King's in Norwich.


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