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Norfolk author asks Do You Believe in Miracles? 

Inspired by a miracle in her son’s life, Norfolk author Jane Finch set out to gather together stories of others who have experienced miracles and has now published them in a new book.

Jane, who lives in Buxton near Coltishall and attends North Walsham Congregational Church, wrote the book Do You Believe in Miracles? after her son Ryan’s experience.
Ryan, who attends Servants Church in Norwich, woke up one morning in 2012 to find a lump the size of a goose egg on the side of his neck. He was immediately referred to the hospital and underwent a series of urgent tests and biopsies.

MiraclesCover300“We were told that the usual possible causes such as glandular fever had been ruled out and as the lump appeared to be growing rapidly we should prepare for the worst diagnosis,” said Jane.

“Christian friends set up a prayer chain that stretched from the UK to Canada to the USA to Spain, and I received many emails from people around the world saying they were praying for Ryan’s healing.

“Miraculously, and with the doctors and specialists mystified, one day the lump just disappeared. Ryan told the hospital consultant that God had healed him. The consultant could offer no other explanation, and Ryan was discharged.

“The miracle of Ryan’s healing affected a lot of people. Many of those who had been praying for him thousands of miles away then emailed to say how blessed they had been by his healing and how it had encouraged them in their faith and in their own walk with God,” said Jane.

“It has been four years since Ryan was healed, and I have had a recurrent thought since then. If one miracle can encourage so many in their faith, then perhaps there are other stories of life-changing miracles that need to be told.”

So, over the last few months Jane has gathered testimonies of people who have experienced miracles in their life.  Some are life-changing, others are testimony of God’s provision. In Do You Believe in Miracles? ordinary people have opened up their hearts to share their stories.

“The purpose of the book is to encourage believers and to stir the hearts and minds of unbelievers,” said Jane.

The book is available on Amazon at £5.95 or £2.99 as an e-book.

Pictured above are Jane and Ryan Finch.

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