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Norfolk Christian author's anti slavery campaign 

Blessed d SkivingtonCF
Norfolk Christian author David Skivington is campaigning to raise awareness of young girls in India being dedicated as temple prostitutes. His book Blessed, Bound and Broken is available for free download between October 17 – 21.

David decided to give away 1 million downloads of his novel, to share the story, and rapidly raise awareness of the atrocities of modern day slavery in Southern India.

The mission of the JustTell10 campaign is to end child slavery forever - by telling just 10 people at a time, and asking them to tell 10 more. If everyone who heard David’s story made a small donation, the work of the Dalit Freedom Network can be supported, helping to free women and children, and help fund the schooling of some of the at-risk girls who are in the children’s shelter, and make a difference right now.

David, who is from Stalham, felt challenged to write the novel Blessed, Bound and Broken as a way of challenging the injustice of child prostitution.

While the story of Blessed, Bound and Broken is purely fictional, the issues raised are all too real. David said, “Thankfully there are charities doing amazing things to fight against many of the injustices mentioned in the novel. ... and I have been blessed to visit and see the work of most of them first hand.”

David and his wife volunteered for a year with Life Association in Andhra Pradesh. They worked in the charity's orphanage school which provides a home and education for Dalit children. The orphanage school helps give an opportunity to children who would otherwise have very limited options. 

The inspiration for Blessed, Bound and Broken came from David's visit to the Dalit Freedom Network’s headquarters in Andhra Pradesh where heard about the Jogini system of ritual sex slavery that still exists in the Indian state of Telangana and elsewhere and felt compelled to raise awareness of the pratice. 

Synopsis of Blessed, Bound and Broken

On the eve of the biggest festival of the year, the Indian village of Agnipatnam is in a frenzied state. A teenage girl is hanged, prompting furious rioting. British television presenter Rupa and her team arrive amid the mayhem, quickly becoming aware they are not welcome. Their discoveries about ritualised child prostitution draw them into a dark world of superstition, corruption and violence. Seeking to present the truth, their lives become endangered as those in power pursue any means to protect their secrets. 

Download the book and find more infomration about JustTell10 here: http://justtell10.org/

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