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Julian of Norwich documentary appeal

ClareGoddardCFFourteenth century Norwich mystic Julian – world famous for her line 'All shall be well' – could become the subject of a one hour documentary film if a current crowd-funding campaign succeeds.

Crowd-funding on websites like Kickstarter is rapidly becoming a major source of budget for independent film makers but relies on interested parties making a contribution, however small.

Julian of Norwich was an 'anchoress', a woman enclosed in a small cell for most of her life next to a small Norwich church. She wrote two books about her 'shewings' or visions which were hand-copied and widely circulated in mediaevel times but became world famous when they were re-discovered and published a century ago. Julian is regarded as the first female writer in the English language but has never before been the subject of a serious documentary film.  

Mr Tracy Williams, a former BBC producer who is heading up the fundraising bid, said “Julian's story is one that deserves to be told to a much wider audience in an accessible way – making this film has been my dream for quite a few years. We are offering a copy of the film in return for just a £10 pledge. Any surplus budget is being donated to the Julian Centre in Norwich who will eventually be able to sell the finished DVD on a royalty free basis.”

A tantalising taster film can be seen on the Kickstarter website presented by arts professional and Julian devotee Clare Goddard.  “The film will discuss the life and times of Julian as well as looking closely at exactly what she had to say in her mystical writings. She is an inspiration to a huge number of people all over the world. We'll be investigating why” she said.

Click here to see the promo film and make a pledge

Pictured: Clare Goddard

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