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Norwich sheriff backs vital work of Foodbank 

Norwich Foodbank has reported an increase in demand for its services over the school summer holidays while the importance of its work has been backed by Sheriff of Norwich, William Armstrong, during a visit to its warehouse facility on the Henderson Business Park in West Norwich.

Hannah Worsley, Norwich Foodbank development manager said: “Since we began operating in 2010, there has always been a spike in the number of referrals over the school summer holidays.
“On average, we see an extra seven families per week over the school holidays, compared with term time. Families who say they would 'just cope' in term time knowing their children are fed at school have to turn to Foodbank for support as the lack of money for food now affects their children.
“The FISH lunch clubs which we have just launched at five locations across Norwich are just one small additional way to ease the pressure on family finances - not just for food but also for entertainment during the long holidays.
“By the end of August, we expect our rolling 12-month figures to show we have fed 10,000 people in the last year, including over 3,000 children,” said Hannah.
The Sheriff of Norwich, William Armstrong, visited the Foodbank warehouse on August 7 when he was shown around by project manager Grant Habershon and met and helped volunteers pack some of the 1.5 tonnes of food in 250 food parcels which leave the warehouse every week to feed on average 200 people.
SheriffGrantFoodbank450He said: “I am deeply impressed by what I have seen of the work of the foodbank. At the same time it is also worrying and disturbing that in what many people assume is one of the most prosperous cities in one of the most prosperous countries in the world, there is a need for this kind of facility.
“There clearly is a need and there are many people in Norwich who are placed in a position of crisis, often through Benefit difficulties and the foodbank is fulfilling a very important role. I am also impressed that there is such a considerable network of support and liaison with other caring agencies to help address the underlying problems that lead to the difficulties that people face.
Running out of food is a crisis situation that is symptomatic of other underlying issues.
“What is encouraging is that there are so many community volunteers involved in helping the foodbank to operate successfully,” said William.

Pictured above is the Sheriff of Norwich with Norwich Foodbank volunteers and project manager Grant Habershon at the charity's warehouse.

Published: 28/08/2014