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Norwich link to Middle East peace message 

Israeli academic Dr Salim Munayer is currently on a UK media tour preaching a message of peace and reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians, with the help of Norwich-based colleague John Drake.

Dr Munayer is founder of reconciliation organization Musalaha, with whom John Drake is a development director. The pair are currently visiting Christian and secular radio stations and media outlets against a background of conflict and heightened tensions in the Middle East.
John, who since retiring as CEO of YMCA Norfolk five years ago has been involved in several Middle East reconciliation projects, said: “Dr Munayer has a PhD from Fuller University in the USA and is a respected peace and reconciliation lecturer from Bethlehem Bible College in Palestine. He is in an almost unique position as both an Israeli citizens, an Arab and a Christian. He also has an English wife and family based in Lancashire.”
John said: “The aim of Musalaha is to offer signs of hope that there are people in both Israel and Palestine who have different perspectives but are still sons and daughters of peace. That there are people who are prepared to talk to each other and not just engage in the ranting that we often hear.”
Musalaha is a non-profit organization that seeks to promote reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians as demonstrated in the life and teaching of Jesus. It also aims at facilitating bridge building among different segments of Israeli and Palestinian societies according to biblical reconciliation principles.
Musalaha has several projects, one of which involves taking groups of Palestinian and Israeli youth, young adults and leaders on a desert journey where they share physical challenges and people listen to evaluate each others’ stories.
The most recent phase of reconciliation within the ministry of Musalaha is the Bridge Building programmes, reaching the Muslim and Jewish communities with the message and methods of bible-based reconciliation. This has been done through Muslim-Christian encounter projects and a sports camp programme that is open for everyone. 
You can hear one of the broadcasts at: Premierchristianradio.com
Picture above is Dr Salim Munayer, picture courtesy of Stephen Sizer.

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