'Where is God?' asks evangelist at Norwich event

John Blanchard
Internationally known Christian preacher, apologist and author Dr John Blanchard spoke to an audience of 300 Christians, guests and enquirers at Norwich Football Ground on Monday evening March 31. His talk was on one of his familiar Christian apologetic series “Where is God when things go wrong?

 by Kevin Gotts

Dr Blanchard started proceedings with “a case against God”, citing international tragedies and disasters like tsunami’s, 9:11 and MH370 as well as man’s inhumanity, where some people would question God’s existence.
Ramping up the statistics of some terrible statistics of Pol Pot’s reign of terror in Cambodia; 30million killed during World War 1 and World War 2 losses, he asked, “How can this be part of the Bible scenario in which a caring, controlling God works out everything in conformity with the purpose of his will?”
He then began to build a case in favour of God through his apologetic teaching in defence of the Christian faith.  Explaining that God is “Holy, over and beyond us, and while we are left without some answers, he gives us everything we need to know.”
“The Bible tells us a great deal about sin and evil.  God’s saw everything he had made was very good, with Adam and Eve’s perfect relationship with each other, God and the environment.”
John Blanchard“Sin entered the world and shattered these relationships, and man experienced alienation, shame, decay, disease and death.  Man now had an ungodly image and left to ourselves, exposed to the anger of a Holy God for eternity.”  He explained the next move, “God sent his son, who showed us the perfect life, absorbed our sins and he died to bring us to God.”

“Despite this, man still prefers ‘darkness to light’ by their lifestyles and choices instead of following the Light, Jesus who rose from the dead and offers believers an eternity with God.  Death is the greatest enemy, where all things cease – money, life, possessions.”

Dr Blanchard turned his talk to “Where is God when things go wrong for us as individuals?”  Quoting C S Lewis

  • He whispers in our pleasure
  • Speaks in our conscious
  • ?Shouts in our pains

“We’re not in control, we’re frail and fragile, he is reminding us of our sin, and to re-examine ourselves of our need for God.  We need to get right with God.”

He then answered questions from the floor.
This event aimed was organised and presented by Simon Gay, pastor of Salhouse Baptist Church. 

Pictured above: The event at Norwich Football Ground and John Blanchard pictured below
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