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New mission for Norfolk Christian Football League

NCFL13U16a450The Norfolk Christian Football League aims to connect churches to their communities through the medium of football. League vice chairman, Jim Green explains the league’s new mission statement.

In the late 1970s, through the work of Don Wilson, friendly football matches were played between different Norwich churches and from this the Norfolk Christian Football League was born. It sprang from churches but it is obvious that football is a great way of connecting to our communities and it is this that we are trying to express in our new strapline “Connecting Church to Community Through Football”.
The majority of member clubs operate by church members running teams but it also works the other way; clubs see the attraction of playing in the League and make contact with a church for the necessary support. 
In many ways we are seeking to build community too: at Heartsease and at Bignold School, where the under 10s gather to play together, it is not just one game but a group of matches and friendships between players, managers and families are being formed. At Thorpe High School two members of Norwich Vineyard Church have been making drinks for players and friends at each Vineyard adult team home game. 
We should not forget the community that is being formed on the pitch either. One player, new to the adult league, said that the prayer at the start pointed us to something bigger, and in a way made the two teams into one – us together not us and them.
The Norfolk Christian League has never existed for itself it is there to serve churches and communities, we invite both to use the league to grow closer together. 
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For more information about the Norfolk Christian Football League please contact:
Jessica Tyson – League Secretary on 07912 309959 or at secretary@norfolkcfl.co.uk
or visit www.norfolkcfl.co.uk

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