Growing church invites Norwich to pray

Congolese church2Jesus Christ Source of Life offers a warm welcome to newcomers, including translation into key African languages, which has seen its numbers grow steadily. A new outreach of public prayer in Anglia Square will begin in September. Alaine Mukene reports.

Initially, just five years ago, a group of six mainly Congolese people formed the Jesus Christ Source of Life church (JCSL). Today, with almost equal amounts of English and Congolese within its 50-strong congregation, the church centers on worship, baptism and prayer in a uniquely vibrant, confident and loud community!

There is always someone translating the sermons and worship at JCSL.  Translations are from English into Lingala and Swahili if needed, and regularly into French as the most universal common language amongst the church’s African community. Most visitors can receive the message in their own tongue.

In September JCSL will launch a Rhythm of Prayer outreach initiative in Anglia Square, at the heart of Norwich. A drop-in style ongoing prayer rhythm will be sustained throughout Fridays and Saturdays. Everyone is invited to join in, at whatever time suits them, for as long or short a time as they have.

Donald Menga, church leader said, “We've seen God do amazing things over the past years and lots of people joining us for worship. We want the Congolese community to know that we decided to continue to translate from English because we understand how hard it can be when you arrive in this country and your English is not great.  You're desperate to go and receive the Word and to worship but you don't understand what's going on. As we have strong Congolese connections we felt this was an important ministry to carry on.”
Congolese church
Donald added that, “We want to let others across the city know that they're welcome to join us too, whenever they can. We are excited about the Rhythm of Prayer outreach into Anglia Square. We are hoping many will find Jesus through this!

People can expect some lively worship as people tend to dance for Jesus when they can, and prayer time varies from quiet reflection to loud simultaneous cries out to the Lord in many languages and tongues! However, the main aim is to connect with Jesus and invite Him to join us in the gathering and to experience His blessing.”

Why not go along and experience a new type of joyful worship, or drop into Anglia Square during September for prayer, in any language, and with an African twist!
For more details call Donald Menga: 01603 622 989

Jesus Christ Source of Life meet at Oak Grove Chapel, Catton Grove at 2pm on Sundays.  A youth church for the younger children has recently started during services.

Lively and loud prayer gatherings are held every Saturday from 6-8pm at Oak Grove Chapel and also on Fridays from 7-9pm at 86 Magdalen Street.

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