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New monastic community to begin in Norwich

Norwich is set to see the birth of a new monastic-style Christian community early in the new year.

NicholasVeseyBell420It is to be a ‘New-Monastic’ community, the term used for new Christian movements like ‘Moot’ in London and ‘Morph’ in Ipswich that form communities within a contemporary contemplative setting with an emphasis on meditation.
Starting at St Luke’s Church centre, C3 is intended to be a place where people can come together and worship within the context of sharing a spiritual journey together.
The community is being co-ordinated by Rev Nicholas Vesey (pictured above), Vicar of St Luke’s Church, who said: “For some time now we have been considering setting up a congregation for those interested in looking at Christianity from a mystical perspective.
Drumming320“We want to provide a space where people can explore their journey with Christ without having to take on all the cultural baggage that Christianity has developed over the years.”
Singing hymns is not everybody’s cup of tea, and our events will include drumming, guided meditations and a more contemporary approach to worship.”
For the last 10 years Nicholas has been running the ‘Developing Consciousness Course’, and the community is expected to contain many who have been through this course (for details of the course see )
 The Christ Consciousness Community is a part of the parish of St Luke’s with St Augustine’s within the Church of England Diocese of Norwich.
Its stated aims are:
  • 1.      To facilitate the emergence of the activating wisdom of Christ within us, and to act upon that wisdom, sharing it and living by it as individuals and as a community.
  • 2.      To welcome others into our community and to provide a safe place for them to communicate their truth.
  • 3.      To encourage spiritual practice as a way of personal and corporate transformation.
  • 4.      To be more than consumers: to be people who are committed to giving and receiving in all aspects of life.
The first meeting of the Community will be 6.30pm on Sunday January 13 at St Luke’s Church Centre. Anyone interested is welcome to come along and find out more.
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