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Barn visit inspires Christian writer to poetry

BBPaintingPsalms4202011: Network Norfolk writer Sandie Shirley was inspired to poetry by her visit to the Burning Bush Barn creative Christian project in South Norfolk.

It was a short contemplative time alone in that white, stark room as I sat while Rev Wendy Shaw made me a cup of tea during my visit.

Uncluttered, unhampered, just three white sculptures by Wendy – varying in size, like broken eggs shells expelling life. 

Beautiful Tears by Sandie Shirley

They are beautiful
Those tears you cry in prayer
For the unjust refrain
And unbidden strain
That now release in prayer
Yes they are beautiful
Those glistening globules
Translucent and insoluble
From a flesh wound of heart
Falling free to now depart
So precious are those tears
I counted them by the year
Shining crystal droplets
On fast- flowing rivulets
Collected in my bottle
Numbered and named
For each earthly shame
But none were spent in vain
For the pain that inflames
And the cruelty that maims
Yes they are beautiful
Those tears you cry in prayer
An iridescent pool
Love’s healing tool
So don’t set your jaw
Let your tears outpour
Torrents of hidden jewels
To rain upon your face
The tears you cry in prayer
Like a waterfall so rare
When sacrifice did dare
My suffering to share
For the tears you cry in prayer

The energy, the anointing for such appointing of time, touched my hands – hands heavy with presence in that calm paced place of space away from every human race. Just God – His tangible presence of serene, extreme peace.
SandieShirley340A picture of Jesus appeared before me like the Ancient of Days and thoughts began to echo: prayer is beautiful - the tears spent in prayer and pain, they are beautiful and collected in my bottle.
The poem that would flow in healing prose was complete on my computer, within two hours of leaving that special sacred place. The words spilling and filling the page, as the spirit did utter against my human stutter.

I mused afterwards - pain in prayer, given and broken, trusting and spoken for glory re-awoken. Like molten gold, burnished bronze in earthly mould as pain unfolds but love enfolds.... for love is here, in all its divine creativity and it continues to heal as I read what the Spirit revealed.

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