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God's love shared at Norwich holiday club

Eternity holidayclub1It was not the incredible 120 children who enjoyed the holiday club each day at Eternity Norwich church that overwhelmed the organisers but the atmosphere of God's peace and love during the week.

The week long holiday club for children from the Larkman and Earlham area surrounding Eternity Norwich church
included a funfair, silly Olympics, football tournament, and lots of other activities.
The week culminated in the annual Talent Show, judged by The Lord Mayor Jenny Lay, PCSO Daniel Cooke and Pastor at eternity Norwich Paddy Venner.
The church holds clubs during each school holiday and this year saw record attendance of over 120 children each day.
Lisa Marshall-Nichols, children’s outreach worker with Eternity Norwich organised the holiday club and described the sense of hope and love that settled over the church. "Each morning we prayed that God would send children who needed His love shown to them, and each day God provided fully, tangibly.
"On Wednesday we had 160 screaming, energetic, excited children slipping and sliding on water slides and having water filled balloon fights. That morning we prayed for protection over the day, and He provided fully again, 160 children went home wet, happy and safe, leaving behind the odd wet sock or soggy t-shirt. A miracle if ever we have seen!"
Eternity holidayclub2Lisa says this is the culmination of over seven years work, and the result of the church having faith that eventually the community around them would trust them and want to know more about the church.
The Eternity team were able to speak with parents who came early to collect their children so they could listen to what was being taught.
Lisa said, "We believe Norwich is going to see God move in a wonderful and mind-blowing way, we believe we have seen a part of it this week. We have faith that some of these parents will walk into church one Sunday morning, and find faith hope and love for themselves."                
Pictured above: Lord Mayor Jenny Lay with Pastor Paddy Venner. Right: one of the Talent Show performances


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