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Norwich vicar tells of road to enlightenment

2011: Norwich vicar Nicholas Vesey has written a book about his own road to enlightenment which has included Saatchi and Saatchi, Rowan Atkinson, sex, drugs and rock and roll. Keith Morris reports.

NicholasVeseyIn an extra-ordinary new book Nicholas Vesey (right), vicar of St Luke’s with St Augustine’s in Norwich, has written Developing Consciousness – A Roadmap of the Journey to Enlightenment.
Part self-help manual, part memoir as it charts the highs and lows of his own journey into spirituality.
It does not take a conventional Christian approach to the subject, but instead it encourages the reader to take a journey into their own consciousness and so try to find enlightenment.
“This book is aimed at people who wouldn’t normally go anywhere near the church,” says Nicholas.  “It is an attempt to build a bridge between contemporary spirituality and the Christian tradition.

"The pitch is ‘If you are seeking ‘enlightenment’, then why not find it in the Christian Tradition, people have been finding it there for centuries.’ The idea is to start where people are, with their own experience of consciousness, and then build from there.”
Alongside the text is also a searing memoir of Nicholas’ life before he became a priest with references to working at Saatchi and Saatchi in the 1970s, and at the BBC with Jenni Murray; a car journey with Lord Owen that changed policy in a general election; working with Rowan Atkinson; an encounter with a dead pope; castrating 1500 sheep in an afternoon; escaping from the Kenyan outback using magic; taking the salute on behalf of the UK at the French Bicentennial Celebrations; going up the Himalayan mountains with Lord Montague of Beaulieu; and more than a passing reference to sex, drugs and rock and roll.
For the last 10 years, as well as being a vicar,  Nicholas has been running a course called Developing Consciousness, from which he has developed the material for this book.
Nicolas has endorsements from a number of well-known figures in his field.
Martin Laird, author of Into the Silent Land, said: “Speaking out of this tradition more than to it, Nicholas addresses a broad audience. He proves to be a gifted communicator as he speaks directly and startlingly honestly from his own experience of the path.”
Richard Rohr, author of Everything Belongs, said: “Here you can understand how you might grow the wisdom to thrive, and not just survive.”
Cynthia Bourgeault, author of Centering Prayer and Inner Awakening, said: “An astonishingly fresh, original and user-friendly introduction to the craft of consciousness.”
Developing Consciousness - A Roadmap of the Journey to Enlightenment, is available now on Amazon, and is published in July.

More details and to read the first ten pages, visit: www.developingconsciousness.net

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