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Norfolk prayer event gets new focus and name

GDOPNaveWeb2010: Following on from successful Global Day of Prayer and Prayer in the Park events over the past several years the organising team are set to rebrand the event as Unite and look to gain even wider local support for Pentecost 2011 and 2012 to coincide with the London Olympics. One of the organisers, Rev Nigel Fox, reports.

From its earliest years as a serious call to repentance and unity, the team that has hosted the Prayer in the Park event has always wanted to keep in step with the Spirit.
For the last few years, we have been blessed with the opportunity to meet at the Cathedral, with the wonderful support of the Dean and his staff. We have also sought to embrace a wider, indeed global, sense of unity by working with the set prayers of Global Day of Prayer - a movement that has harnessed the increasing energies of prayer and embraced some 220 nations around the world.
UniteLogo300Now, we sense the call to something bigger – here in Norwich. We are well aware that there are calls for something very special in 2012
On Sunday May 23, we witessed spontaneous cheers, applause and strong affirmation in support of a passion for true unity among us.
We have also seen how political parties can set aside some differences for the common good. Think how much more the churches could accomplish if they did so too.
We are seeking to broaden the support of this annual united prayer event, and deepen and enrich the experience of it. We hope that Pentecost 2011 (June 12) will be a time when several of our newer ethnic minority churches will partake alongside several of the more established mainstream churches.
GDOPPrayerWebWe also believe that 2012 can be a year of great things, not only in London, with the world-focus on the Olympics... but also here in Norwich, on May 27, 2012, when we go for that which is "Greater Than Gold", with an even stronger sense of unity in prayer.
We need every Christian who can and will dare to meet and unite in prayer. We need you.
We are therefore re-branding as "Unite".
There will be a launch meeting, complete with buffet, at the Ramada Jarvis Hotel in Norwich on Wednesday July 21, at 7.30pm, to which all local church leaders are invited.
Pictured are scenes from this year’s prayer event.