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Church teenager provides ex-prisoner packs

BesomRucksacksWebA Norwich teenager has helped local Christian organization Besom provide rucksacks packed with essential items for people coming out of prison by running a stall at her church bazaar.
Following a talk by Besom volunteer, Duncan MacInnes at her home group, Lillian Coverdale of Heartsease Lane Methodist Church mentioned the Christian charity to a number of people at her church. One of these happened to be a 16-year-old teenager, Sarah, who was particularly interested in the Besom scheme to supply rucksacks to men who have just been released from prison into the Norwich area. 
Besom first started distributing Prisoner Packs (now renamed Release Rucksacks) about a year ago through Project 91 in Norwich, an organisation set up especially to help ex offenders. 
Sarah ran a stall at her church bazaar and raised over £60, which helped Besom to put together four new rucksacks. Pictured above is Hilary Beach of Besom in Norwich handing over the rucksacks to Project 91. 
The rucksacks contain the basic items a man might need such as toothpaste & toothbrush, towel, deodorant, shaving foam, socks, comb, notepad, chocolate bar and a food voucher. The rucksacks also contain a small card inscribed ‘This comes with God’s love from Christians in Norwich’. 
Besom in Norwich has been operating for almost four years and seeks to encourage Christians in our city to come together in prayer and social action. The Besom van is regularly out taking high quality household goods, donated by Christians, to people in need. 
Besom also organises working parties to paint or garden for those unable to manage. For further information about how to help with Besom phone 07731 411553 or visit the website


Article printed from at 12:28 on 09 April 2020