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Anglia Square Passion Play 750
Sprowston vicar offers free storytelling workshop 

Rev Dean Akrill, Associate Vicar of Sprowston, will lead ‘The Never Ending Story’ workshop in dynamic storytelling and communication, helping people present Bible stories and their own story of faith in effective ways.

Rev Dean Akrill has a passion for the performing arts and telling stories. He leads Scart (Sacred and Divine Art at St Cuthbert’s) which through music, drama, poetry and dance seeks to celebrate God and explore the human experience. Dean also memorably played Jesus in the Passion play staged in Anglia Square on Good Friday this year (pictured).

On Saturday, October 19, 10am-12.30pm Dean will lead a free workshop, ‘The Never Ending Story’ aimed at rediscovering storytelling and stories - stories from the Bible, and faith stories from our own lives.

Dean said: “Whether you want to present stories in schools and church, or just want to discover more about God and your own experience, this workshop is for you.

“The morning session will begin with examples of storytelling for you to enjoy. We then move on to rediscover stories from the Bible and how we might re-tell them in a dynamic way. After coffee, we move on to thinking about stories from our own lives, and how they form part of the bigger story”.

The session includes time for personal reflection, as well as sharing, and exploring simple dramatic techniques to bring our stories to life. Dean said: “There is no pressure to share anything you don't want to!”

Please book your place in advance by contacting Dean on 01603 482360 or email

The workshop will take place at St Cuthbert's Church, Wroxham Road, Sprowston, Norwich NR7 8TZ

Article printed from at 11:14 on 17 September 2019