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Norwich Quakers to host debate on climate change

The Quaker Meeting House in Norwich is set to host a debate on the question of creating an economic system that can help us avoid the twin catastrophes of climate breakdown and species extinction?

Chaired by Dr Teresa Belton, author of ‘Happier People Healthier Planet’, speakers include political economist Professor Richard Murphy and Dr Rupert Read, a philosopher and Green campaigner.

The speakers will challenge the fixed nature of today's system and discuss how our economy must be redesigned if we are to avoid the twin catastrophes of climate breakdown and species extinction. Recent, peaceful protest and campaigning by Extinction Rebellion campaign has made us all aware of the danger of the climate change that is resulting from human economic activity.

The free event takes place at the Quaker Meeting House, Upper Goat Lane, NR2 1EW on Monday May 20 from 7-9pm.

Dr Rupert Read said: “I believe that values of simplicity and indeed survival may require major changes to the way we live. I am sympathetic to ‘Modern Monetary Theory’ and to the Green New Deal, but we have to ask hard questions about whether even they are enough to put us on that path to a flourishing future.

“I look forward to asking some of those hard questions at this event. The astonishing success of the recent Extinction Rebellion suggests that the great British public may be more willing to make ’sacrifices’ than we have been taught to believe.”

Professor Richard Murphy said: “The Green New Deal is about transforming our economy and the way we live so that we can continue to have life on earth, and still enjoy it.

“What I argue is that this is possible and that new economic thinking suggests we have all the financial resources we need to achieve this so long as - and this is key - we respect the real physical constraints that are imposed on us.  Do that and I think we can all come out of this smiling.'

Quaker Robert Ashton said: “Quakers believe that we are all equal, and strive to live simple, peaceful lives. Materialism and greed drive our current economic model, yet neither makes us any happier.  Join us for a thought provoking evening and discover how you perhaps can play a small part in creating a fairer, less damaging economy.”

Pictured above is the recent Extinction Rebellion protest at Oxford Circus in London.

Article printed from at 09:29 on 19 May 2019