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Seminar on Pentecost Revealed near Norwich 

Rev Nicky Smith, an international speaker and author, will be returning to Norwich from India in June to take a teaching seminar called ‘Pentecost Revealed’.

The seminar investigates the real message of Pentecost and takes a look at the Old Testament picture of the New Testament reality.

Nicky was a minister at Grace Christian Fellowship in Norwich for over 20 years, where she developed an outstanding teaching ministry. She has an international ministry and speaks regularly in churches in the UK, USA and Spain and Holland.

Nicky has spent many years teaching and has a well-established teaching ministry. There have been many requests to publish some of her materials and so the publication of her first three titles ‘Four Shadows’, ‘Living on the Edge’ and ‘Finding the Place where God Speaks’ are a a great achievement and the beginning of another area of ministry.

Nicky has also written a fourth book called ‘All Sixes and Sevens’. This book looks at the numbers 6 and 7 and how they are used in the Bible, to reveal some interesting and valuable lessons for life about mankind and his natural labours on the earth and his quest for spiritual perfection. Her books are available on Amazon under the name Nicky Samuel or Nicky Eatalapaka.

The ‘Pentecost Revealed’ seminar will be held at Thorpe End Village Hall on Saturday June 8 from 10am-1pm.

The cost of attending the seminar will be £5 which includes tea/coffee and a light lunch. To book a place please contact Serena Jones at

Article printed from at 09:20 on 19 May 2019