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Brother Samuel 3
Event with Brother Samuel on seeing things differently 

Brother Sam, an Anglican Franciscan, will be inviting us to explore how we can look at our world differently at an event at Norwich Cathedral on March 25.

We can view our world and the people who live within it in different ways. Is our world simply to be used as a ‘warehouse of stuff to be used for our convenience’ as Dr Rowan Williams once said? Or is it a precious and beautiful gift, given to us by God to be treated with value and respect? Should we be seeking wealth to boost our feelings of security or can we live simply and still feel secure?  What does it say about our view of the Creator if we show great care for creation including those people living in poverty?

Brother Sam, an Anglican Franciscan, will be inviting us to explore how we can look at our world differently – seeing with new eyes that all we have is a gift of God and to be cherished. We can show love for each other and care for creation in recognising the creator of the earth.

Brother Sam was honoured by Archbishop Justin Welby in 2016 for his outstanding commitment to the life of prayer of the Church and community life.

He has been particularly associated with Hilfield Friary in Dorset, where for the past ten years there has been a focus on the care of creation and sustainable living, shaped by the Franciscan tradition. He now lives at the Franciscan house in Plaistow, East London, which reaches out to those in need. Brother Sam also has a ministry of teaching, leading retreats and spiritual development across the UK. He is also a well-known and highly respected speaker.

Julian Bryant, Norfolk Coordinator for Christian Aid which is hosting the evening said, ’There are some people who share wisdom in such a way that you feel inspired and closer to God. I have found Brother Sam to be one of those people. He doesn’t shout or promote himself but brings you closer to truth and closer to Jesus. I am looking forward to this evening as he teaches us to look differently at our world and each other. It will be inspiring.’

Event details

Venue: The Weston Room, Norwich Cathedral, NR1 4DH
Time: 7.30pm
Date: Monday March 25
No need to book
Brother Sam is a guest of Christian Aid and there will also be a short talk about Christian Aid Week and refreshments.


Article printed from at 03:03 on 23 March 2019