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Engaging Bible course to launch in North Norfolk 

The Way of the Spirit will launch a Friday Bible College in Sheringham this autumn, designed around The Way of the Spirit Bible reading course developed by the late John Mckay.

“It is for anyone who wishes to engage with the whole Bible in a rich and living way and to see the revelation God gives to change and equip them for whatever God calls them to,” said Director Richard George.
Based at two locations (depending on availability): Sheringham Community Centre, Holway Road (opposite Childs Way) NR26 8NP and Oddfellows Hall, 4 Lifeboat Plain, NR26 8NP it will run between 9am and 2.30pm on Fridays from October 13 to December 8. 
The first school on October 13 will be at the community centre, the next one, on October 20, at Oddfellows Hall. Most thereafter will take place at Oddfellows Hall.
Except for the purchase of inexpensive materials, there is no charge, though students may contribute towards the cost of hiring the hall through weekly offerings.
It will be overseen by Richard, Director of The Way of the Spirit and leader of the college at Framingham Earl Hall just south of Norwich, where generations of students have been transformed as a result of the life and training they have received through The Way of the Spirit.
Richard said: “Many students have gone on to teach around the UK and in The Way of the Spirit centres in Africa and beyond. Other experienced and anointed teachers will be part of the team, and an outward looking ethos will pervade the programme. Local folk Geoff and Pat Pilling and Leonard Perrott will be part of the team.
Any who want to grow in their bible understanding, and receive fresh revelation and anointing as they pursue God’s purposes for their lives will be welcome to apply,” said Richard. “Qualifications are an open heart and willing spirit! Students will also require a note from their own pastors demonstrating their willingness to release them into such training.  Those who do not currently attend church of any kind may apply.”

To Enrol:

Simply go along to the Community Centre on the first Friday, October 13, at 9am to take part in the day and decide if you want to continue to come the rest of the term/year.

Those who attend all sessions though the year will be awarded a Certificate of Biblical and Prophetic Faith at the following The Way of the Spirit Autumn Bible Conference held at Belsey Bridge Christian Conference Centre on the border of Norfolk and Suffolk in September 2018.
If you have questions contact Richard on or The Way of the Spirit office at or ring Leonard Perrott on 07503547395.

Pictured above is Richard George with the team at The Way of the Spirit.


Article printed from at 05:50 on 18 March 2018