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Torch prayer guide impact with 4,500 distributed

KeepPraying2012: A 70-day prayer guide started by Call to Prayer in Norfolk, which coincides with the Olympic torch relay, has enjoyed phenomenal success so far with 4,500 copies distributed to date.

Call to Prayer Director Jill Gower was inspired to compile this resource in collaboration with Caroline Anderson and Robbie Bain.
Jill reports on the impact of the booklet so far.
We have been amazed at the response to this booklet, which has now gone right across the nation. This means thousands of people are daily making these decrees and blessings over our nation.
The idea originally envisaged was for local use in Norfolk and Suffolk, but at the time of writing over 4,500 copies have been distributed all over the British Isles, and we are now on our third print run.
We are thankful for such an outpouring of united prayer at this very significant time in the history of our nation, and have received many encouraging messages. 
Word of the availability of this resource continues to spread far and wide, and we shall never know how many are using it as a website or smartphone download. 
We received what we believe to have been a word from God that this will be like a Mexican wave, increasing during the 70-day run-up to the start of the Olympic Games, and we continue to pray that this will be so.
Thanks to some generous donations we were able to give out over 1,000 booklets at the recent London’s Burning event at Leyton Orient Stadium, where thousands joined in the decrees and blessings for that day, and heartfelt worship and prayer were poured out in close proximity to the Olympic site.
A major happening as part of Norwich and Norfolk’s response to the coming through of the Olympic flame will be ‘flashmob prayer’ which will take place the evening before the torch arrives, at 7.14pm on Tuesday 3 July – (in response to 2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people …). Do make a note to be there if you can; further information will be available nearer the time.
In the meantime, we still have copies of the Keep Praying and Bless booklet available at the House of Prayer, Fishergate, Norwich NR3 1SE.  
We are asking for donations as follows to cover expenses:
If collected from the House of Prayer:                       £1.00 per copy
1-5 copies including postage & packing:                    £2.00 per copy
6 or more copies including postage & packing:         £1.50 per copy
Please make cheques payable to Call to Prayer.
Alternatively visit the website and click on the link to download the prayer guide.
Thanks be to God that He hears our prayers, and commands a blessing when we are in unity!
The House of Prayer, Fishergate, Norwich NR3 1SE     01603 920074

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